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Jessica tattooing


So glad you could stop by. Allow me to tell you a bit about myself. I've been tattooing for over 15 years. I work out of Indigo Skin Design in Antioch, CA as well as the occasional guest spot or tattoo convention. I love to do a variety of styles but am particularly drawn to bright and bold traditionally inspired pieces, fine lines and lots of detail, as well as classic black and grey. 

some of my work

how to book

Step 1:  E-mail

Please include:

1. Your full name and phone number

2. A description of what you want tattooed
3. Attach any picture references you might have
4. Where on your body you want it… bonus points if you just send 
a photo of the area you want tattooed (arm, leg, etc.) especially if there are existing tattoos to work around.
5. About how big you’d like the tattoo 
6. If you want it to be color or black and grey

Step 2:  Book your appointment

Only if we have already spoken and I've told you to book yourself in, or if you're just booking a continuing session.

travel dates

I'll be at the Seaside Tattoo show in Ventura, CA

from July 19-21

Click the banner below for more info on the show



Indigo Skin Design

804 W 3rd Street

Antioch, CA 94509


Cell:  925-261-8869

Shop:  925-778-9069



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